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16th-Feb-2009 03:16 pm - It's Review Time!
So, I've decided to review things here. First up is Farscape.

Look UpwardCollapse )

Here are some pictures from the series, so you can fully appreciate the awesome:
31st-Dec-2008 11:13 am - Hey Oscar Wilde
...It's Clobberin' Time!
This is the name of my new favorite website. It asks artists/authors to draw various authors/fictional characters, with fantastic results. Seriously, the stuff is great:
Sometimes you get things that just fit so perfectly, like the Wind in the Willows picture:
Or the Wizard of Oz picture:

Or this Alice in Wonderland one:

Other times you get things that don't necessarily jive with your interpretation, but are still pretty awesome.
Like this one of The Little Prince
Or this one of Lady Macbeth:

And sometimes you get things that, while they may not necessarily fit the original interpretations/actual reality of the character/person, are nevertheless nothing short of perfection.
Like Elizabeth Bennett:

Or HP Lovecraft

This one of Captain Ahab:

And this one of Juliet Capulet

Seriously, one of the greatest things ever. GO. NOW.
30th-Nov-2008 10:40 pm - Just Something That Needs To Be Said
Well, it's December, the month in which I find myself getting angry and stressed more often than all the other months. So here goes.

Right. This is something that has been bothering me for a while. I'm not trying to single anyone out here, this is something that has been going on for quite some time, and I feel like I have to say it.

First- Why am I the only person who appears to be able to plan things? By 'plan things' I mean: ask all the people involved, set dates and times, figure out the logistics (travel, supplies), and make sure that it is ok with my parents. It isn't that hard, all you need to do is make sure that the space is clear and that your superiors/parents/whatever are fine with it. Easy! And if something unexpected pops up, just call and tell me when it pops up, not five minutes before we were supposed to get together (unless it is five minutes beforehand). Still, things are planned and then oops! Someone forgot about it. Or didn't tell their parents. Or was really looking forward to it but didn't wake up until noon and now has to do the entire weekend's worth of homework. Christ, just get it done beforehand. This event has been planned for (most likely) at least a couple of days. Is it such a chore to get your work done, ask your parents, and remember a time/date?
Which leads me to part two- I am not a lapdog. Just because I make time for you does not mean that I am always available. If we plan something for four o'clock, and you call and say that you won't be available until 'maybe six', don't be surprised or offended if you call at five thirty and I' busy. I am not going to sit around waiting for you to call me, if indeed you do, so that I can trot over and amuse you for a while.
Also, if I lend you something, is it really too much to expect it back within a reasonable timeframe? Am I too demanding by asking you not to lose my things? I like lending things to people, I like spreading the love, but I hate that my things seem to take an aqfully long time to get back to me. I know I have things that belong to other people, but I know where they are. I also know that people are busy, but when I lend you something short, like a comic book or a tv show, and you keep telling me you haven't got around to it and then talk about some series you burned through in a weekend? Thanks, it's good to know where I rank among your priorities.

I'm not saying I'm perfect. I know that I'm not. I'm quiet and grumpy and not nearly as smart as you guys, but I still try and make sure that you don't feel taken for granted. So when you treat me like comic relief or your lady in waiting or your doll, it pisses me off. You can treat me like such crap without even realizing it. I've been left out, forgotten, and completely taken for granted, and I'm a little sick of it.

Is it honestly too much to ask to be treated with respect? I'm not asking for gratitude or apologies, just remember that even though I'm not as smart or accomplished or 'experienced' as you guys, I'm not dumb, and I know that I can be treated better.
29th-Jul-2008 09:28 pm(no subject)
Shake Djibouti
 I know I haven't posted here in...a hell of a while. So I shall make up for it by posting something that probably only I will care about. But I'm going to write it down anyway, because I find it amusing as hell.
Pretend Hell is amusing.
In 1995, Val Kilmer was Batman in Batman Forever.
In 2000, Robert Downey Jr was Terry Crabtree in Wonder Boys. In it, he had sex with James Leer, played by Tobey Maguire.
In 2002, Tobey Maguire was Spiderman in Spiderman.
In 2005, Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer kissed (under hilarioius circumstances) in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
In 2008, Robert Downey Jr was Iron Man in Iron Man.
In 2008, Robert Downey Jr will be Kirk Lazarus, a super-duper method actor in Tropic Thunder, where his character previously played a gay priest in a movie also starring Tobey Maguire.

For all of you four people wondering where I am going with this, it essentially boils down to: Iron Man and Batman kissed. And Iron Man has banged Spiderman on more than one occasion.

This, children, is why I love movies. Because actors are in many of them, and it's fun to make connections. And the fun isn't even limited to movies! Why, at this moment, England's Royal Shakespeare group is doing Hamlet, starring the Doctor as Hamlet and Jean Luc Piccard as Claudio! How wonderful!
...That's about it. That and the fact that Wolverine starred in Oklahoma! and wore a gold jumpsuit to the Tony's.
15th-Apr-2008 08:53 pm - New Writing Journal!
Shake Djibouti
Hey guys, in honor of the fact that worldbuilding is damned hard, and I wanted an excuse to use a pretty Audrey Hepburn icon, I would like to introduce you to my new writing journal: paragon_inc. If any of you are interested, I would love for you to visit and point out big glaring faults with everything you can.
Love love love.
9th-Apr-2008 09:16 pm - Super Account Plus!
Donna Boobs
 So, I caved and got myself a sexy new Plus+ Account. To celebrate, I am using my boobs icon.
And now, because I am feeling incredibly narcisstic about my new icons, I shall explain what kinds I have.
My regular 'Shake Djibouti' one
A fun QI one
One that says 'Drama!'
One celebrating books
One that informs people to shut up, Princess Bride style
Another that informs people they can 'Get it Here'
Manslash, for when I read all my manslash fics
A WTF? icon
An icon especially for squeeing
And another for all my femslash needs
Also, one for het. Hey, I read all kinds of fic
One for sad things. 
One that informs people that sex is a no go
And, lastly, one about what science REALLY means.

Yeah, I'm a basket case. But one with lots of icons!
Also, I am going to need to start commenting on fics, what with all my fic-appropriate icons. :D
4th-Apr-2008 10:13 pm(no subject)
Shake Djibouti
23rd-Mar-2008 05:15 pm - Damn and Blast!
Shake Djibouti

Oh, crazy, passionate love of Peter S Beagle, why must you be so expensive? There is my comics habit to feed, the hordes of movies I wish to see in May, my ever-growing DVD and book list, and various other sundry things that I want (such as a camera!). Now I find ConlanPress and I find that I can buy lots of Peter S Beagle books, audiobooks, pictures and CDs, personally autographed! But for high prices. And there is my dilemma. I can buy prints of the Japanese character designs for 'The Last Unicorn', five of them all autographed by Beagle himself, for the hefty price of $75. But they are so beautiful! But they are so expensive!
But look!

The Lady Amalthea is so lovely! How can I turn down a limited edition set?
Also, the fact that, while the movie 'The Last Unicorn' as sold over 300,000 units, Beagle never got any money from them. At all. That is a lot of royalties owed there. And the man seems so sweet. And he autographs things! And has a lot of limited edition stuff...
Agh. I think that I will pass on the prints, beautiful as they are, and focus on getting the books.
Maybe the audiobooks too, one day.
Agh. I love him so, but I am both cheap and materialistic, which is never a good combination. Books, then DVD, then audiobooks. Right.

5th-Mar-2008 07:22 pm - Geek Power!
Shake Djibouti
1. Bruce Wayne- Batman
2. Wally West- Flash
3. Koriand'r- Starfire
4. Clark Kent- Superman
5. Harleen Quinzel- Harley Quinn
6. Bart Allen- Impulse/Kid Flash
7. Tim Drake- Robin III
8. Diana Prince- Wonder Woman
9. Jonn Jonnz- Martian Manhunter
10. Barda Free- Big Barda

1. If 10 was of the opposite gender, who from the list would he or she date?
Damn, man!Barda could probably date anyone he wanted to, but that is the same for female!Barda. I guess Wonder Woman or Kori though, as they are the only ones powerful enough to deal with that.

2. If 7 and 3 went to see a movie together who would pay, and what snacks would each want?
Tim would offer to pay, Kori would accept, but they would get in for free because the vendor is a pimply 16 year old boy and Kori is a stacked 6'4'' redheaded sexbomb. They would get popcorn and Raisinets and Kori would ruffle Tim's hair.

3. If 8 was your parent what would he/she leave you as a family heirloom?
Probably the Lasso of Truth or the tiara. Everything else is pretty much non-family stuff. Hopefully I would still get the Invisible Jet though!

4. Describe a pair of socks 1 wears on a regular basis.

5. If 2 and 4 got into an argument what would it be about? How would they settle it?
If Wally and Supes got into a fight, it would probably be over who is faster. They would settle it with a race, and they would either tie or Wally would win by a nose. I know this because it has happened in canon with various Flashes.

6. If you could change any one thing about 6, what would it be?

7. If 5 and 9 got stuck in an elevator together with nothing but a deck of cards, bag of pretzels, and sandwich for 2+ hours, how would they pass the time, which one of them brought each item on the elevator, and what would 10 say/think while watching the surveillance video?
Harley definitely brought the cards, and Jonn probably bought the pretzels. Maybe he bought the sandwich too, but I doubt it. Harley would try and escape for a bit, then turn to telling him about how Mistah J would get Batman, and then probably settle down to play Solitaire or something. Jonn would use his telepathy to just chat with his friends, and probably wouldn't notice Harley. Barda would be amused or try to free them. Maybe both.

8. Would 7 risk his/her life for 4?
Every good guy in the DCU would risk their life for Supes. TIm is no exception.

9. How would 6 act when drunk, what's their drink of choice, and would 10 make sure nothing happens to the intoxicated 6?
Can speedsters get drunk? If so, it would probably be from a mix of girly cocktails and straight vodka, and Bart would end up talking as fast as he could about everything and nothing, while vibrating through random objects. Barda would try to help him, but eventually give up in disgust and just keep watch to make sure nobody tried anything stupid.

10. If you dropped by 3's home unexpectedly what would it look like?
Kori always seems pretty clean, so probably a lot of plants, some photos of her teams (a few more of Dick) and some Tamaranian artifacts. Some food in the fridge and plain, tasteful decor.

11. What will 2 do after their goals are accomplished?
Does Wally have any goals? Probably either chillax with LInda and the kids or continue the superheroing gig

12. 1 loses their memory(how did it happen?), and 8 has to take care of him/her. 8 has always had a crush on 1, and 1 ends up falling for 8 while being cared for. 8 knows 1 is engaged to 5, and that the two are engaged to be married when 5 returns to the country. What happens when 5 returns?
...This sounds like a bad fanfic, and I don't ship Bats/Wondy. Bats lost his memory by being, you know, human, and hitting his head on something. Bats probably knows that 'Holly' is Harley, only with him so that she can help her puddin', and so will send her back to Arkham. He would then break up with Wondy, saying that he wasn't ready to have a relationship with a coworker and while there was still so much to do. She'd be pissed, but understand.

13. 7 sees a stranger getting mugged, does he/she continue walking or help in some way?
As Tim? It depends on how many people were there. He would probably try to help without being obvious, as he doesn't want to give away his secret identity. As Robin? He would kick the guy's ass.

14. 6 and 4 sing a duet, which song do they perform?
What a horrifying prospect. A rousing rendition of 'Row Your Boat'?

15. If 9 were an animal what would he/she be?
ANYTHING HE DAMN WELL PLEASES. Man's a shapeshifter. :D

16. 3 knows 1 and 9 like each other, even if they won't admit it. 3 enlists the help of 8 to set them up. What are their plans, and do 1 and 9 fall for it? Are the plans successful in getting the two to realize their feeling?
Bats hates Jonn. This is established. So it would probably turn out to be a mistake, and Kori and Wondy would end up having an awesome girls-night-out involiving crime fighting, free drinks, and talking about the men who are in their life. Greatest imagery ever.

17. 2, in a rush to start his/her first day of work, accidentally spills their coffee on 5 while leaving the crowded shop. 2 quickly apologizes, offers to pay the dry cleaning bill, and leaves. 5 turns out to be 2's new boss. What is their first conversation in the office?
Harley: You're going to be sorry about earlier.
Wally: I already am sorry. I'm sorry, I mean. I apologized.
Harley: My boyfriend isn't going to be happy with you.
Wally: What? What does that have to do with anything?
Harley: Hm? Oh nothing. Just give me your forms (with your home address) and go on your way.
Wally: What? Ok.
Harley: I sometimes have these mood swings. Don't pay them any attention. Have a nice day!

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